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Terms of Use

Betplayer is a portal that provides detailed information on sports betting and online casino. It is addressed for players at ages of 21 or older and in general, for those who are in the proper age to proceed into betting activities, according to the laws of their country. The visitors need to be aware of the restrictions concerning gambling in their country.


Republishing, promoting or copying the content found on Betplayer is prohibited, unless a written consent has been authorized by the website’s administrators. We hold the right to proceed to legal actions in case of  infringement of our copyrights.

Prompt – Advice blocking

This website’s content is purely informational. Betplayer provides information, news, articles and advertisements for informational purposes only. This website’s content, including promotional and photographic material, can not be considered as a suggestion, advice or guidance for any visitor to participate in gambling actions.Betplayer and those that are associated with it, are not responsible for any damage caused, moral or material, during their visit on any betting website.

Advertisement – External links

The advertisers’ corporate services are addressed to visitors who live in countries where the use of such services does not suggest a criminal act. Betplayer's  visitors should comply with the regulations of any bookie promoted on our website. Betplayer disclaim any liability for compensation in case of direct or indirect loss or future damage. On the contrary, they have the right to proceed in a criminal or civil prosecution to anyone who would discredit or falsificate betplayer's content.

Liability Disclaimer

We ensure that we take all the necessary security measures so you can navigate in a safe environment. However, Betplayer does not guarantee that the website does not contain “viruses” or other harmful components. Τhe cost of any corrections that will be needed for any damage caused due to any of the above reasons, are borne by the visitor-user and in no case by Betplayer.

Change in the Terms of Use

By staying on the website you agree to the above mentioned terms. If the terms are not accepted by your side, please exit the site immediately. The terms of the website will be updated when the administrators deem it appropriate.